USDA Sued over approval of GMO Alfalfa


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Aug 10, 2008
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Fuquay, NC
seedcorn said:
freemotion said:
Herbicides, not necessarily pesticides. Same difference in this venue as both are poisonous.

There are many, many substances that are safe in their natural form and in minute amounts but that become very dangerous in forms that are not naturally occurring and in larger amounts than our bodies can process through our detoxification systems.

Spinach is good for you. Too much raw spinach in the diet can lead to kidney stones. Not everything that is safe in small amounts is safe in larger amounts.
Pesticides are either an insecticide or a herbicide. We are already digesting these proteins in our system. They are harmless to mammels & all but a few insects, designed to kill European corn borer or root worm larvae-depending if it's Bt or RW gene. Because of GMO's farmers are now seeing earthworms thriving--yes, we do watch and see how our environments change as we make changes.

Curious, how much spinache does an average American have to eat to obtain kidney stones from spinache diet? So do we outlaw spinache? Since it's a health issue?
thanks for all that and your views.

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