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Jan 2, 2022
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Western Washington, USA
So, don't leave fat on the broth and forget about adding the cornstarch, @Artichoke Lover ?

I make potato soup often. Except that, way over half the time, it has leftover tilapia going into it. Used to be that I would collect my own clams when I was living on the coast. Clam Chowder, New England style. Then, it had to be canned clams. Honestly, I prefer the fish to those.
That makes me think of a recipe described in Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings', Cross Creek, written in the 1940's. Naturally we had to give it a try!:

"...for fish chowder of a pristine quality, I follow Ed [Hopkins'] recipe. The fish of course may be bought, but is immensely better when you have caught it yourself. Any fish will do that is large enough to be boned and filleted. Ed and I always preferred the big-mouthed bass of local waters. In a Dutch oven by preference, or a deep iron skillet by second choice, place a layer of finely cut white bacon or breakfast bacon. On top of that lay gently a layer of boned fish. Place above that a layer of thinly sliced raw peeled Irish potatoes and a layer of thinly sliced raw white onion, and lastly, a layer of soda crackers. Dot with butter and salt and pepper. Repeat the layers in the same order until the cooking pot is filled. Add water halfway to the height of the vessel, cover, and simmer slowly until fish, onions and potatoes are tender. The liquid must cook entirely away, so that the bottom layer of bacon bits and fish is well browned. Add cream to cover, heat to boiling, and serve immediately. You are not quite certain of what the dish consists, for fish, onion and buttered cream are lost in a cosmic delicacy. You know only that something almost too good for common man is before you."

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