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    Cicada Wasps

    Please tell me someone knows how to get rid of them? They have swarmed my backyard ( where the kids like to play) I know they will not sting but still have become a nightmare for my 3 youngins.
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    Asparagus Question!

    This is our 3rd year for our Asparagus garden, we are cutting twice a day. How long can we harvest before we leave it alone to sprout for the rest of the year? Thanks!!!
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    Need landscaping ideas

    Hello all, I am looking once again for some ideas for my tree in the front yard, I have tried planting several different things here and never seem to have any luck, it gets little sun. Some in the morning and a little more in the late afternoon. We live in south Texas and it gets super hot...
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    What is this critter?

    Thanks! I'm gonna go with that! :) Hope he finds a safe place before my chickens find him ;)
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    What is this critter?

    Anyone know what this little fella is?
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    Organic pest spray?

    any good suggestions for pest/bug spray for vegetables? Or any tips or tricks to keep them down? Thanks :)
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    My happy place!

    Hey y'all! Just wanted to show off my beds! First off let me begin by saying I'm am a novice gardener and have come to realize that the key to a successful garden is some good ol dirt!!! After a bunch of research and bugging a few people on here I think I finally have my beds ready for my...
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    Uploading pics to forum?

    Thank you so much Steve! I shall give it a whirl! What a beautiful picture of shallots! :). I am considering planting some lemon grass around our house as well!!! I heard it is a good mosquito repellant! I just hope it smells a lot better than the citronella plants I have
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    Uploading pics to forum?

    Thank you! :)
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    Uploading pics to forum?

    I am trying to add a picture to a new thread from my iPhone, not sure how to go about that... is that something I will need to do on the computer instead? Thanks!
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    Preparing soil

    I will give the extension agent a call today! Thanks so much for the advice! :)
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    Preparing soil

    Hi there! Newbie gardener here. This will be my 3rd year planting a small crop. I have 4 4x8 rAised beds that are roughly 16 inches deep. Last years crop didn't do good at all. I am coming to realize there is more to gardening than just throwing dirt in a raised beds and putting seeds in...
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    Hey Y'all! Hello from South Texas

    I am down in Corpus! I have family in Livingston :) My toddler loves veggies and fruit! So this years crop will be fun! :)
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    Hey Y'all! Hello from South Texas

    Hi there! New to the easy garden! Just bought a few things to get this years garden going! Although my gardening won't be my first priority as I have a 5 month old and a 2 year old to keep my free time gobbled up I am looking forward to fitting some "garden time aka me time" in! I have four...