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    I think there's a little sasquatch in my garden

    The center one looks like deer. They leave small close bottom teeth marks, and they don't have top teeth. So if they try it and its too hard, it just leaves the imprint of the bottom teeth.
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    This ought to be a good one.....who is from BYC??

    I got here from there, but I had to go down yonder to start.
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    What did you pick today?

    My first two jalapenos and half a dozen serranos
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    squash question

    I still think I would do it the same way. If its crooked neck it might be a little more difficult. Peel it. Quarter it lengthwise, that way you can cut off the strip with the seeds in it. If its very young squash, you can leave the seeds in it, then you don't even have to cut it. Then grate it.
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    squash question

    What kind of squash? I have never seen that, but I would peel it and scoop out the seeds and grate what's left.
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    What do I need to start canning?

    I won my Ball Blue Book at the county fair with the Best of Show canned tomatoes! (brag, brag)
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    Charcoal for soil building

    Has anyone been reading about using charcoal for soil building? Scientist have found that the rich black Amazon soil was intentionally fertilized with charcoal over 1500 years ago and it is being sold today as "black gold" soil. Unlike compost, it can last thousands of years in the soil...
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    What did you can (freeze, dehydrate, preserve) today?

    Today I made giant kosher dill spears. I used Mrs Wages Kosher Dill Pickle mix and added extra garlic and a hot pepper to each jar. I make these with oversize cucumbers and cut into 6=8 spears each and cut off any of the center strip that has seeds that are overmature. My husband loves them...
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    Can we talk about pressure canning?

    If you find a good big old canner second hand, for a good price, definitely get it! The pots don't go bad, and you can still buy replacement parts, plugs, gaskets, valves, guages, or whatever. The big ones cost a fortune. The $20 one was a canner or a cooker? a 4 quart cooker won't do much.
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    a pea is a pea is a pea, or is it?

    so when my 4 rows of pink eye crowder peas come off, y'all come on over and help with the shelling! I was raised in the north and didn't know about anything but english peas or green peas. In the south if you say peas, they assume your talking black eye or crowder or some type of field pea...
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    What Are You Planting Today, This Week, This Month?

    In the last couple of days we added 4 rows of pink eye cow peas and two more rows of okra.
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    a pea is a pea is a pea, or is it?

    Peas....English, snap, southern (cow pea)? Ok, so when you're posting about peas, please tell us what kind of pea you're talking about! Now my question. Anybody know what is recommended spacing for bush crowder peas? Arkansas, and yes I know its late! :D Flood got my first garden.
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    Rhubarb- what to do with it?

    When I was I kid my mom would cook it down with a lot of sugar then add cinnamon red hots to it while it was still warm.
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    In Arkansas and we can't have empty categories, OH NO!

    Southeast corner of Arkansas here. two miles outside of a town that doesn' t even have the population on the road sign!
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    Name your three worst garden mishaps/tragedies/accidents

    #1 6 ft of flood water started in the day after we planted the garden. #2 dh-"I'm just going to run the middlebuster between the okra and the peppers" #3 clearing land for the garden Me- "Are you sure that tree is going to fall away from the barn?"