1. JalapenosinDelco

    Hello from South Eastern Pennsylvania!

    Just checking if there are any other nearby residents planting seeds to start this winter. I was curious when you start the seeds indoors and when are you transplanting outdoors? Thanks!😸
  2. Todd Ziegler

    Free seeds

    I have a lot of tomato, peppers, watermelon, cantaloupe and various other melon seeds, Lettuce, various root crops, cucumber, squash, beans and many other seeds. I have one corn seed and that is "japonica maze", it has dark ruby seeds and the leaves are green white and pink it is a very...
  3. Todd Ziegler

    Free seeds, almost?

    I have several different watermelon , cantaloupe , tomato, peas, green beans and sunflower seeds for free . Let me know what you are interested in and I will send you a list of what I have . Then send me SASE (postage should be enough to cover mailing 2 ounces, depending on what you want ) and I...
  4. Todd Ziegler

    Wonderful paste/salad tomato

    This is a new variety for me this year (Don Juan) I got the seed from J&L seed seed. It is so solid that I will have to buy more seed next year because I am not getting any. It has made a great tasting sauce.
  5. seedtrader-teg

    4 varieties of True 2 Type Tomatoes available - 1 Amber, 2 pink & 1 orange-1 red brown cross

    The last image, is to a natural CROSS, of a brown tomato parent, and probably Early Girl parent, if someone just wants to grow to eat, and not worry about saving seeds. The brown parent, was one I originally bought off a site, and they didn't mention that it might cross. Early Girl I grew...