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Apr 18, 2014
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Lower Hudson Valley, New York
or "Here, hold my mead!" ... :)

as for milking and such i'm pretty sure that would have been the goats and sheep that were more easily domesticated at first compared to the much larger animals, but once people knew it could be done in any form (from watching mothers nurse) it shouldn't have been too hard to extrapolate... getting animals tamed and domesticated and docile enough to put up with us, well, i'm not able to see completely into the past but there's a pretty good chance we were herders and perhaps nomadic ones at that (moving with the animals to fresh pastureage as the seasons and rainfall changed) so that too would have played some role. also the domestication of dogs as herder companions and animal protection.

if people could not deal well with milk they could however often deal with cheeses and yogurts - you just had to be stable enough to make those things and i'd not be too surprised if some of those were made "on the go".
They did (the fist cheese was believed to result from someone filling a drinking skin made of a calf or kid's stomach (with the rennet still in it) with milk for later.
But even yoghurt and cheese require the ability to handle SOME lactose in order to digest.

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