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Oct 15, 2017
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mid-Michigan, USoA
Last spring I tried growing Flander's poppies in medium sized red containers; I had this notion that I could sneak up to the local veterans' Legion hall, and place the flower pots by the front door once they were in bloom. Turns out the poppies hated being in a container, and they were a total flop. I only got a handful of blooms in 5 containers; 5 containers of Amazing Grey Shirley poppies too, that also failed to thrive. It would be nice to have an untamed area of the garden to scatter the poppy seeds with reckless abandon, so they could blow in the breeze. I think the poppies would like that a lot better.

they do like to wander, but also they like bare spots in gravel and mulched areas or along rocky edges... wherever those seeds can blow and then lodge until they bloom.

alas they are not long-lived seeds from what i can tell.


it used to look like that out front, but i limited their spread here and prevented them from migrating too far into the back gardens. as it turned out both deer and chipmunks will eat them or their pods and once Mom found out about that she's removed them because she doesn't want to attract even more deer here than we have already.

i like the colors. :) we've had a few white and peach colored poppies show up.
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