I want a pair of goats


Chillin' In The Garden
Dec 8, 2020
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@Collector, I first READ the story about roping a deer on BYC some 12 years ago. It is actually funnier in print.
@Messybun we need to message. I want to hear ALL of your pygmy goat advice.
When we were Civil War Reenactors we trained horses to a picket pin. They were scared of it, fought it, rubbed pasterns, etc., but after they learned it we never had any trouble.
We were able to picket 3 horses at a major natl. CW event where the space was no larger than a bedroom, no problem.
ALL animals can learn by repetition.
It is good to be reminded that picketing is a foreign notion to any livestock.
Btw, some people thought picketing was cruel. They hobbled their horses.
At one small reenactment I sat with my coffee and watched 2 hobbled horses move about 1/8 of mile with their hobbles on.
I always thought reenactment would be awesome!
when it comes to goats they seem to be far more destructive than a horse, but I don’t have horses so I couldn’t honestly compare them.