The Carrot Rust Fly Never Forgets


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Jan 17, 2021
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Ontario, Canada
it looks like to me that you would be able to stop their local life cycle by rotation planting in a new location (where you haven't grown carrots before) along with using row covers so that the remaining bugs can't lay new eggs on your plants.

somewhere locally there may be a wild source which supports their population (to get them through the three years you didn't grow them), so you may need to use row covers in the future.

that's what i would do if it were important for me to grow them.

i do know that there are people who grow carrots organically for commercial quantities. i wonder how they are managing this pest... perhaps it hasn't made it to where they are located (i'm pretty sure these would be southern California and perhaps even down into Arizona for their winter crop), but i don't know for sure.
@flowerbug just as I found this posting of yours I think I was discovering that I'm not getting an alert to threads I'm watching...I don't think I got an alert for you think that's possible? I'm not 100% sure though

Edit - I'm wrong, I just forgot that I read it ;) hahahaha

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