Tired of friends/neighbors who are newbies to gardening telling you How to garden?


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May 21, 2020
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My standard response to that kind of advice gardening or otherwise is a “I’ll think about it”. That said, my more pressing issue tends to be my dad. He is often tries to help by “weeding” which usually ends with as many plants dead as weeds. He used to think round up wouldn’t kill food plants because he saw the farmers spray it on the round up ready corn. My pumpkins didn’t survive that year.....
Also my mom apparently thought potatoes were frost hardy perennials which led to a fight about why I wouldn’t plant her potatoes in November.
I love them and they are both very smart but neither of them know much about gardening.
I must be related too your parents, except for the round up. I don't know what colour fingers I have but they are definitely not green :th

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