What Were Your Boons and Busts for 2019?


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May 15, 2008
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Eastern Panhandle, WV
Busts~the corn, peppers, and most squash was a bust this year.

Boon~asparagus, greens, rhubarb(was the biggest and best I've ever grown until it got cooked and rotted at the crowns after the continual wet, then near 100* temps....only two plants survived), beans, tomatoes.

Next year I'm changing the garden a good deal and planting WAY less, putting in a few raised bed situations, and concentrating on other things for the year. Will plant some spuds, beans, rhubarb, more asparagus, chard, and a few cukes and squash.

The ducks were the stars of the gardens this year...they greatly diminished the squash beetles by a good few million, and I didn't have a single horn worm this year and they had been on the rise year after year. Still had squash borers, even after protecting the stems from it all...they just went above the protection and did their damage.

The ducks will live in the garden this winter...well...not all day long, as they will be free to free range but will return to the garden each night to sleep and will spend mornings there. They are already trained to go to the garden each night around 6 pm, which is nice. If I leave the gate open, they will put themselves to bed.