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    what did we grow???? UPDATE: new pics!

    My rose of sharon reseeds itself all over the place.
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    shredded oak leaves. or any other kind of leaves unshredded.
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    Squash Vine Borers

    No I didn't see the other thread. Didn't look hard enough I guess. I did read about nylons and foil on the website I looked at though.
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    Tiger Balm for mosquito bites

    Last evening I had an argument with DH, and so I went out to water plants. It was in the hour before dark, and so I came in the house with numerous welted mosquito bites. We couldn't find the cortisone cream, so I saw the old jar of tiger balm, and in desperation, I thought I would give it a...
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    Squash Vine Borers

    I have been wondering what those awful looking lesions were on the bases of my three zucchini plants. After a little research, I found out I had squash vine borers and the cure is surgery. I cut big ole worms out of each plant and some tiny ones in a few leaf stems. Nasty things. Then I...
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    experimental chicken proof mulches

    I never got around to fencing my raised bed areas this year and so I am experimenting with the mulch. In my big raised bed and one smaller one, I put down some black plastic 1/2 inch mesh. It looks like hardware cloth only black plastic. In the small bed I sowed seed under it. For beans, I...
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    Any idea what this is?

    I say nightshade too, although it is slightly different from the nightshade in my yard, which has purple and yellow flowers and a slightly more oval berry.
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    Hey Mark. Great garden! Its wonderful that the kids as well as their parents and the community are participating. You could try green beans in the empty area. They should grow well and quickly in the hot weather. Try mulch for those pesky weeds! Got any shredded leaves or more flat pieces...
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    1001 things to do with excess zucchini

    Grilled zucchini! Make lengthwise slices, season, spray with Pam, grill. Adobo and paprika are good for seasoning, or Italian herbs with some parmesan....
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    Herb crazy...whats in your herb garden?

    Basil Parsley Peppermint Curly Spearmint Chocolate mint Grapefruit mint Sage Cilantro Dill two varieties of rosemary four varieties of thyme Chives Two kinds of scented geraniums Lavender
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    Potato suprise!! EEK!

    I used to have loads of toads. I have hardly any since I have chickens.
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    Beetroot Juice......a Life Saver

    I have got to try it!
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    Beetroot Juice......a Life Saver

    What do you use for dressing? I made a shredded raw beet salad with bleu cheese once that was really good too.
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    What do I do now?

    I would do exactly what curly kate said to do.
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    I think I will try this! Thanks!