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    What did you pick today?

    Yesterday. . . Zukes and Pattypan squash. I can't believe those things are still going! Oh, and weeds. :/ Dug up some beds to prep them for the winter garden. Onions and sugar peas were planted. Hopefully I'll do more next weekend.
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    Georgia St. Community Garden- Detroit, MI

    Cub - That's AWESOME!!! I think that community gardens are such an asset in so many ways and it's great to see what you're doing there in Detroit. How many folks do you have involved so far? Have you seen any change in the community yet? I look forward to seeing your updates! I'm also...
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    Bush vs Pole beans, experiences and expectations?

    OK, this is my first year with pole beans and since they're still waiting to produce anything of significance, I can't give a fully informed answer. Here in So. Cal, we planted bush beans (Green: Contender & Jade, plus a yellow - Golden Rod) and have found a wide variance between the...
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    What did you pick today?

    Aint that the truth, Silkie Chicken! I was just up your way on vacation (Lake Connor) and was so surprised at how late things are. I'm used to being up there in mid-July and being able to pick blackberries. In early August, at most places there were only teeny, tiny green berries or were even...
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    Darn tomato eating critters!

    Wow, ML! That's a LOT of 'maters! I have the Anna Russian growing here and will agree with you that it is one wispy plant. I've never had a tomato like it that pretty much has no stem strength of it's own. Containing it is fun. :P I just picked my first one the other day and look forward...
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    What did you pick today?

    Thanks! Yes, we're heading up to Oregon and Washington to visit family. :) I'll wave at ya as I pass by! ;)
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    It would depend on where you live and how long you have before your cool season sets in. Both varieties will produce for 6 - 8 weeks. The Blue Lake matures earlier - abt. 58 days. The KY Wonder matures abt. 65 - 67 days. So, if you planted now, you'd be looking at your first yield to arrive...
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    What did you pick today?

    Thanks, Tutter, for stepping in to answer. I've been getting ready for a trip so I've not been online as often. I'd give it a try, Blurose. The cayenne sprinkles can make it taste bad, which is one way to stop them. Another option is to make the area smell bad. The vinegar rags on a stick...
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    What did you pick today?

    There's nothing like the first tomato!!! :D Congrats! I picked green beans, which I could eat, plus some half eaten tomatoes than the garden critters got to first. :thun I think it's time for more cayenne pepper sprinkles!
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    help me ID these vines (zone 9-11)

    Not sure, but I wanted to be the first to welcome you to TEG! :) :frow
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    Looking for Hops

    Here's a good website of information for growing hops: If you scroll down part way, you'll see three trellising options. The middle one is what I've seen the commercial growers use in Eastern Washington. Note the difference between the height of the person...
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    What did you pick today?

    Yesterday at the church - Tomatoes, eggplant, peppers (both hot and sweet), green beans (lots of 'em), and tons of Persian cucumbers. I only kept 3 of the cucumbers for myself and turned the rest in for distribution. Today at home - tomatoes, green beans, fresh basil, and my first two Zukes...
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    the smallest garlic bulbs are rotting w/beetles in them?

    That sounds pretty darn good to me, Pat! You must get enough rain where you are to provide them with what you need. Living in So. Cal, I'm still trying to figure out the needs of the garlic here. I have no idea what I planted as they were given to me by a family member who has grown them for...
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    Sister Site Navigation

    LOLOLOLOL. You really started a Backyard Cows site??? :lol: Good grief. If that's that happened to the 2007 April Fools, what the heck are you going to start with the 2008 April Fools? Maybe I don't wanna know. . . . . :lol:
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    Marianna's Peace Tomatoes

    Actually, I disagree! :D I think it's quite exciting to use what one has to the greatest ability. I'm going to try this tea stuff. And, I'm glad to know that'll be good in my compost pile as well!