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    Cheap Azalea, in the ground!

    Only $5? That's great, I wish I could get bargains like that!
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    Cut flower mystery.

    Looks like Plains Coreopsis to me. A nice healthy plant!
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    Pecan tree or Mulberry tree for chicken yard

    Oh yeah, I remember climbing in the mulberry tree that was in my parent's front yard, but that was about 50 years ago. Been a few years. ;) As for protecting the roots of the shrubs & trees I've planted in my backyard, I use large, flat rocks to cover top of the newly backfilled holes. A...
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    Pecan tree or Mulberry tree for chicken yard

    Yes, I'm aware of juglone. The garden we have had here hasn't been affected adversely and I'd say the trunk of the closest black walnut is 15 ft away. My FIL said the corn and tomatoes at that end of the garden wouldn't grow, but somehow they did quite well. Regarding a mulberry or pecan...
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    Pecan tree or Mulberry tree for chicken yard

    We bought a mini-farm last fall and currently doing work on the old house, so we haven't moved yet. In the area where we will move our coops to is shaded by a black walnut tree, a silver maple, and a sick grandeflora type magnolia. The trees are actually on the other side of the fence, smack...
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    searching Zipper Cream Pea seeds

    Digging up my old post to say that these are absolutely delicious! Definitely rate :happy_flower :happy_flower :happy_flower :happy_flower :happy_flower 5 out of 5 flowers!
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    source for butter bean seeds?

    wsmoak--if you wish, I can share some pole butterbean seed with you. My FIL doesn't know the name of the variety, but his father grew them for years and years. My FIL is 76, and I've been raising and saving the seed from what was gifted to me 24 years that tells you whatever variety...
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    Went to pick a watermelon.....yeah right *pics*

    I wait for the melon to slip easily from the vine without any tugging whatsoever.
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    Paste tomato recommendation

    The heirloom San Marzano I raised didn't produce that well. Figuring the poor harvest was part of that particular year's bad tomato year...I raised San Marzano the following summer. Again, another poor harvest and the tomatoes were small. The fertilizer I used was Tomatoes Alive! by Gardens...
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    Stringy Green beans

    I had the same problem whenever I planted Blue Lake beans. That's why I switched to Emerite beans. I tried Missouri Wonder once, just once. Those were unfit for eating, even when picked young.
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    Okra too big :( Now what

    Somebody recently posted at BYC about slitting the pods, then tossing to the chickens. They went wild!
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    I'll be happy to take a bucket of figs off your hands. :happy_flower Your zone is much more fig-friendly than mine. My Brown Turkey is still small from where it died back last year, BUT is has 6 or 8 figs on it. I've wrapped chicken wire around it to keep the chickens away because I'm...
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    Curled bean pods

    The soil moisture may be it. I'll drag the hose pipe out when it gets dry, but you know how city water with all it's :rolleyes: wonderful additives :rolleyes: isn't the same as a nice rain. We've been luckier than most this year because we've had some decent afternoon showers, but they...
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    Paste tomato recommendation

    Currently I'm raising Speckled Roman paste tomato and would like to add another variety to my garden next year. Is there an heirloom variety that's prolific AND tasty? ETA: I'm in zone 6B.
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    Curled bean pods

    I raise Emerite, a vining green bean on an 8 ft trellis. There's some minor leaf damage from Japanese beetles and bean beetles. No rust present. The Emerite beans will form both nice, straight pods as well as short, curved ones--even on the same plant. Any idea what causes the curling?