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    Butterfly weed?

    I finally got some to grow last year. They are in bloom now. Love them.
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    Supersweet Corn Seeds Without Nicotinoids?

    Thanks for all the responses. I will check these out. BJ, we have 6 hives. I have been beekeeping for 5 years. I am not real successful since I lose some every year. I began with 2 hives and added as we go along. For us I think 6 is a good number. Not too much work for a aging couple. We got...
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    Supersweet Corn Seeds Without Nicotinoids?

    I look and shop for seeds without the pink coatings but have trouble with my mother buying them. She wants her corn supersweets and usually buys those with the coating. I am asking "do any of you have suggestions of where to buy those supersweets without nicotinoids"? That way I can cut her off...
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    Sad situation, looking for some feedback

    Hoodat said it right. Let her choose. Just went through the same thing with two aunts last year and they knew exactly what they wanted. I was with both as often as possible, one with no children and the other's children lived a long way off. They chose what they wanted. One had pancreatic cancer...
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    Not Going to Grow as Much in Garden Next Year, says my MOM!

    All winter I heard, "I'm bored"! Sounding like the children when they were growing up. I finally got her to quilting so she pieced and quilted 3 quilts during the winter but as soon as a pretty day appeared this spring she put it up and started planning her garden. Of course, this spring was...
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    Not Going to Grow as Much in Garden Next Year, says my MOM!

    That was her statement last year. We had such a great garden season we would have leftovers so not to grow as much this year. Guess what! We finished planting two gardens spots this last week, twice as much as last year. Ha, Ha I guess we will have lots to give away to the needy and food bank...
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    experience with shorter deer fences?

    No scientific proof, BUT, last year the deer started munching on the sweet potatoes. We put up small metal posts and strung the green baler twine around it two times. No more trouble. Don't know why but we had been told by some others that it worked and it did. Some say maybe an oil on it or...
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    Raised the lid to the grill, this morning, and inside of it was.....

    I used to be deathly afraid of snakes but since I taught science had to get over a little of that so not to instill fear in my students and teach them to appreciate all creatures role on earth. SO, the last 3 years a snake has lived around here with us. BUT, this spring I have been having a...
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    What Did You Do In Your Garden Today?

    Anyone else that makes plans of things to do and nothing works out that way? That was yesterday for us! Between donating blood to the Red Cross, putting up bird feeders at the nursing home, doing funeral visitation (been 3 deaths from our church this week) and then hours trying to catch a swarm...
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    What Did You Do In Your Garden Today?

    DigitS, we did have bountiful harvest last year when people around us did not and it was the luck of hitting the weather just right in so many instances, AND my DH's big water bill. Problem was those large amount of potatoes, both Kennebec and sweet potatoes, didn't keep well during the winter...
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    I saw one!!! I saw one!!!

    I have been getting one or two a day this week so I see asparagus on the menu in a day or two.
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    What Did You Do In Your Garden Today?

    Finally on Monday afternoon we planted 6 rows corn, 3 rows potatoes, 2 rows onions, beets, and snow peas. Then on Tuesday I planted 4 tomato plants in a raised bed. We are waiting on our new garden spot to get ready for a last tilling before finishing planting. I have my lettuce boat almost...
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    Zinnias, cockscomb, herbs, heirloom pumpkins - $12 (includes shipping)

    I might be interested in this, will get back to you later.
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    moving my compost

    I am a failure at composting! I even have the double drum composter and still a failure!
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    Best/Easies Grains to Raise for Chickens

    We always have lots of turnips left so will feed some to them to see if they like them. I have fed the greens but didn't realize they would like the turnips as well. We have lots of them right now. I started some old seeds in a try for fodder. We will see how that goes, on day 3 of 7 and they...