1. H

    New On TEG!!! ~Heavenly Blue~

    Hi! I'm new to The Easy Garden website! I can't wait till I meet new people on here. :) I am from a family of seven and quite a few animals. I am in South Carolina. I have never really planted much before, so I'm kinda new at this. Lol. I one day saw Heavenly Blue Morning Glories in a gardening...
  2. S

    Hello from Moore, Oklahoma (Zone 7a)

    Hello All! I'm still working on my green thumb and decided to go from just container gardening to square foot gardening (on a small spot of the backyard)...I still have small kiddos so don't want to take away too much of their running/playing space. I plan on doing the following this year: **...
  3. MrsBarnes


    I am a newbie here although I have gardened for quite some time. Recently moved so I am starting over which is sad and exciting all at the same time. I have a flower bed from which I take a bulb, plant or bush from my relatives and although some didnt survive the move, I am hoping to have an...
  4. CarolinaGardenerSC

    Newbie Here! Hello from SC!

    Hello All! Have gardened off and on throughout the years. Have a little but of experience from what I have learned watching my dad garden but now out on my own and the boyfriend and I are starting a vegetable garden. Looking to get good info and knowledge here!