1. C

    Newbie From Michigan

    Hello all, New kid on the block here, been learning about plants since my Mema gave me my first plant. Money tree, strange plant to have, almost never died. Kept it on the top shelf in my room and practically never watered it. Doing a lot better with plant care now, but one hell of a start. I...
  2. H

    New On TEG!!! ~Heavenly Blue~

    Hi! I'm new to The Easy Garden website! I can't wait till I meet new people on here. :) I am from a family of seven and quite a few animals. I am in South Carolina. I have never really planted much before, so I'm kinda new at this. Lol. I one day saw Heavenly Blue Morning Glories in a gardening...
  3. S

    Hello from Moore, Oklahoma (Zone 7a)

    Hello All! I'm still working on my green thumb and decided to go from just container gardening to square foot gardening (on a small spot of the backyard)...I still have small kiddos so don't want to take away too much of their running/playing space. I plan on doing the following this year: **...
  4. MrsBarnes


    I am a newbie here although I have gardened for quite some time. Recently moved so I am starting over which is sad and exciting all at the same time. I have a flower bed from which I take a bulb, plant or bush from my relatives and although some didnt survive the move, I am hoping to have an...
  5. CarolinaGardenerSC

    Newbie Here! Hello from SC!

    Hello All! Have gardened off and on throughout the years. Have a little but of experience from what I have learned watching my dad garden but now out on my own and the boyfriend and I are starting a vegetable garden. Looking to get good info and knowledge here!