Dreams and their Meaning


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May 21, 2020
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I've worked out the age thing in my dreams.

In my dreams I suddenly become a time traveller, I will explain...
Many moons ago. I had a visit from a family abroad, and strangely enough I dreamt about one of the members of that family.

My dream.
For some unknown reason I was about to make a journey, I always having difficulty in finding anywhere (besides my kitchen sink :oops: )

This gentleman intended too meet me at some point, but arranged for this lovely young lady too meet up with me first.
She was a musician and had a guitar with her. She then guided me too the point of where this friend was going to link up with me and he was exactly the same age as he was when I met him all those years ago.

By the time I met him again my back and hips was painful (it must have been all that travelling) then I woke up, really disappointed after all that extertion and travelling about only to find myself in my bed :confused::rolleyes::hu 💤

:ducNext time he visits me, he can bloody well pick me up from my home, dream or in reality :rant🤣

Anyway, it looks as if I dream of people that are the age that they were when I last saw them.

Mystery solved and case closed
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