Eva and Pyg Thread


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Sep 4, 2009
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Thanks!!! :love IMHO GS's ARE the prettiest dogs, but I think EVERYBODY thinks that their dog is the prettiest. That's how it SHOULD be!! Dogs are such wonderful creatures. DH and I are admiring how effortless it is for her to run all over the place! She doesn't have the typical American GS back end squished down, more of a straight back, but she Does have that typical GS long striding trot.
Just got her spayed earlier this month. I don't believe in breeding dogs. My Vet takes in rescues and although there are many dog Lovers, even many of Them don't have time for the huge numbers of dogs needing a good home. Example is my DD's. They are dog lovers, but too busy to keep one. They would make great and loving dog family but, there it is.
Also, I don't believe that bad behavior in a female dog is fixed by breeding her once. Bad behavior is created by abusive training. Happy to report that when Eva runs to meet our neighbors in the street and doesn't listen, she Will come back to me while I am standing next to her outside leash (which is a 30 ft soft, cotton lunge line tied up) and let me hook her up, NOT fearful of it.
As she gets older I expect more of her. By the end of the year I am expecting her to be totally obedient, like Pyg.

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