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May 9, 2021
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:welcome from Central IL! I am growing a native Kentucky columbine. Many planted that have reseeded themselves along the east side, north side and front sidewalk beds from some original volunteer. Bird probably planted the first one. VERY pretty purple flowers.
Thanks for putting your location with your avatar!
Check out the photo on my thread, #124, that DD took with her Samsung.
WATCH OUT for the "bean rabbit holes" here! :hide
:D I used to have those and loved them! We'll probably get more when we get another bed started. Right now the columbines that we're growing are the ruffled spurless ones. (Aquilegia Vulgaris is its scientific name)
That picture she took is very pretty! I love the location.
Heh, I might just have to trip into one of those rabbit holes and get some tips in the future.
Welcome from Texas. You have a lovely sounding garden. Just so you know, we love pictures and you can post all you want. LOL
Thanks, I'll be sure to do my best to get some pictures uploaded sometime!
Welcome from Canada! Your garden sounds lovely.

Curious @River_Kensley , what are pilgrim beans?
We've never actually grown them before, so I'm not certain of how they'll taste, but we bought the seeds from MIGardener-- They're sometimes known as the Mayflower bean. (It gets its name because it was brought to America by the pilgrims.)
We'll be using them as dried beans for things like Chili, I think.
Welcome from Louisiana, glad you found us.
And from Alaska as well, always happy to hear from another organic grower!
welcome to TEG from mid-Michigan. :)
Welcome from Eastern Washington state.
Welcome from Alabama! Nice to meet you!
Welcome! Sounds like your garden is awesome!
Welcome from the San Francisco East Bay. It sounds like you grow quite a bit and so much variety. I love the cottage cutting garden. Your place sounds like a perfect little place.

Thank you guys so much! :)
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