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Jan 17, 2021
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Ontario, Canada
@heirloomgal thank you. Canada,wow, so close yet so far,lol I would love to go to Canada for the next FIFA World Cup. I love futbol (soccer in only US),lol I hope you understood that my children are 11 hens, 1 rooster,and one dog.
I do not eat vegetables at all unless it is via byproduct such as: giving salad to my chickens so I can eat their eggs. :gig
However, I like to plant and harvest. Have done tomatoes and was able to make tomato sauce and can it. I even sent some to my sister in Puerto Rico. Right now have only been able to plant tomatoes and peppers on the ground. Also basil,parsley, oregano seeds and a few cilantro plants. Hoping to get some culantro seeds [also known as Vietnamese culantro] I really love culantro more than cilantro. It has a stronger smell and stronger flavor. Great for stews and soups.
No I didn't catch that @Dreamz :lol: I read through too fast sometimes!

I have tried culantro several times and failed every time. The seed is so tiny! I did everything I was supposed to, misting every day, heat mat, lights. They just never sprouted. If you have any tips please share! I love cilantro so I have looked around for other herbs with similar flavour. Cilantro goes to seed so quickly! This year I am trying papalo, pepicha, and quillquina.

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