Thought of TEG Cat Owners


Deeply Rooted
May 21, 2020
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Cuddles, a cat my parents had, lived for over 18 years. They had one Tom that came home with a severely damaged eye. They took him to the veterinarian and he had the advantage of having 2 surgeries at the same time. He was a very nice cat and stayed around well. Maybe being fixed and losing one eye contributed to that. Still, he disappeared before reaching advanced age.

If you think about it, and multiply average lifespan times 9 lives, cats must reach the century mark quite often ;). That is, before they run out of demerits.

Don't be surprised if another cat finds your ice cream man, @Marie2020 .

Funny you said this Steve.

He just told me a feral ginger has been visiting him for the past couple of months, he went off for 3 weeks and turned up again yesterday calling him out for food. He won't let him touch him but he looks out for this cat every day. I reckon he'll be in his home by the winter.

This guy is such an understanding kind man very aware and a pleasure to talk to. Thank god there are some left on this earth that actually thinks and double bonus he cares about animals.