1. charliehoop

    Gardens and cats lover t-shirt design

    Hello guys, this is my new design i made for gardens and cats lovers, what do you think of it?
  2. charliehoop

    Garden and chicken shirt design

    Hello guys, what do you think about this design
  3. 7

    Cats using garden as litter box

    Good evening! I bought a raised bed last year that has two 4'x4' sections, one side of it is filled with strawberries, the other side never got used because my garden was elsewhere however, I did add garden soil to the vacant side. The neighbors have about 12 cats (not joking) and they decided...
  4. 7

    Garden Beds

    Good afternoon! I had my first successful vegetable garden, however, it was at a friends house who had a huge garden, as she moved elsewhere. This year I don’t have that opportunity so my husband is building me a bunch of garden beds and I’m making use of my small backyard. I have a large...
  5. JalapenosinDelco

    Best Composting Tips

    O We’ve always had compost going, but as our garden is growing we needed more! And having 6 people in our house, we’re certainly creating enough usable scraps. I had a lot of help from my step-son who was the only one of the kids into this. We collected free wooden pallets from a store...
  6. JalapenosinDelco

    Any Organic Veggie Gardeners out there?

    Hello all, Getting my seeds ready for starting in a couple of weeks. I was curious to see what everyone else is planting, mainly organic seeds. I’m looking to expand our garden more this year away from the basics for our “homestead”. Jalapeños, tomatoes (many varieties and sizes), herbs, squash...
  7. JalapenosinDelco

    Hello from South Eastern Pennsylvania!

    Just checking if there are any other nearby residents planting seeds to start this winter. I was curious when you start the seeds indoors and when are you transplanting outdoors? Thanks!😸
  8. Beekissed

    Soil improvement....with sheep.

    God has really given a wonderful gift this year...a new project! He gave me SHEEP. :weee I'd had them before but it's been some years since then and I never dreamed of having them here, as we have no fencing and really had no desire to spend money for fencing. But, sheep came into the...
  9. PlantNurse15


    Hello all! I have had a vegetable garden for the past 5+ years and am now starting a flower garden for the first time. I can't wait to read all about it on here and I will definitely have questions!
  10. MatthewsHomestead

    Piedmont Triad of NC here to say Hello!

    So I grew up gardening next to my pop in a 25x50 garden plot, we had blueberry bushes and huge old scuppernong vines. We had peonies next to the house, a few rose bush/trees(?) And a couple dogwoods. My favorite was our birch and magnolia trees. Fast forward to present day, about 16-18years...
  11. EKYHomesteader

    Why are some of my plants discolored?

    Normal plant. Slightly purple-tinted plant. So, I got these plants for free. They were discolored when I got them, and most of them have came out of it. These plants are next to each other. I think it is probably a nutrient deficiency of some sort. Any ideas on what is wrong?
  12. Beekissed

    2018 Garden Plans

    2018 Garden Plans Garden dreamin' yet? I am, even though last year's garden was the worst in our gardening history, I've gotten my second wind and have a renewed hope(that's what gardener's live on, isn't it?)for the next planting season. I've switched to hay instead of wood chips, so...
  13. lcertuche

    New house, new garden.

    Well we finally got moved from that rat infested place. We didn't even keep our sofa and loveseat for fear we would bring along a hitchhiker but took them to the dumping station. Our house here has a large backyard. There is a good size raised bed in the back (12x12 approximately) but it is...
  14. Beekissed

    Insecticides~what do you use and why?

    Didn't see a thread about them in a search here, so thought I'd make one. I've never really used many insecticides on the garden or orchard, though I've been known to use sweet lime dust on taters or cukes for keeping off certain pests and I once tried a soapy water spray. Other than that...
  15. Beekissed

    Garden Plans 2017

    Anybody got new plans for the new garden season? Tell all about it! Would be interesting to see, at the end of the season, how your garden plans all worked out, did you accomplish what you had planned, did it all go awry and why, and if they are worthy of repeating in following seasons...
  16. Todd Ziegler

    Aquatic garden

    Here a couple pictures of my planted aquarium. During the winter here in Indiana I will just set in front of my aquarium and read a book or anticipating summer. The bright lights just make me feel better.
  17. Beekissed

    A Rose by any other name....

    ....would smell as schweet! Planted a new rose bush this evening. Now, I'm not one that has ever fooled with growing roses and such, I never had much luck with them. We have one rose here that can't be killed and blooms all year and even after frost, but I don't know the name or type. We...
  18. Beekissed

    Potatoes....all those varieties...

    ...but do they really taste that much different that one would get all these different varieties? Or do they just get those varieties so they can say they are growing all these varieties? Was visiting a UK garden site and they have more names for tater varieties over there than you can shake...
  19. Beekissed

    Planting onion seeds in the fall or late winter...

    ...can this be done in Zone 5B-6? I'd love to do this, have always wanted to try it, but don't know if I'd be throwing money away in doing it. I'd be planting Candy onions and have read it can be done, but would love to hear from someone who has actually done it. Just read on the Burpee site...