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Dec 24, 2018
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I have a lot of things in the works. First thing to do is widen the driveway entrance. It is a narrow, sharp 90degree turn off the road I live on, which takes a sharp 90 degree turn right opposite my driveway. Anything over a 20’ trailer isn’t gonna make that turn into my driveway. Son has to go around the bend and go turn around in a neighbor’s place and then it’s a straight shot into my driveway. Leaving, he has to take the straight shot down the road to the neighbor’s to turn around, then come back and make the turn in the road.
The county will set a culvert and add it onto the inadequate one I already have, I just have to buy the culvert. There are 2 mailboxes at the end of my driveway, mine and somebody else’s. By Federal law, I cannot move the other mailbox.
The other mailbox goes to the land locked properly behind me. Bennet’s grandfather gave access to the great grandfather of the present owner, many, many years ago, thus the private road that is my address also. It’s a real screwy set up. Bennet still owns the land on the north side of me, where the private road is.

Nobody lives there, but a cousin of the owner used to live in the run down house and still gets mail in this mailbox. She shows up periodically to get her mail. I got her phone number from Peggy and spoke to her, explaining the situation. She called her cousin and told him. Cousin the owner doesn’t get mail here. She called me back, gave me his number, I called him. He lives in Houston and rarely comes up here. We chatted.

Upshot is, he’s going to call the Kennard Post Office on Monday and see if he can “hire” a local contractor ( me) to move the mailbox. If that’s agreeable to Federal law, then I can move the mailbox.

Are y’all with me so far? This story to be continued………
I know what you mean. Working at the P. O. myself, Ive seen what happens if you move a mailbox, or dont put it where the post office wants it. The postmaster, or supervisor may come out to see where the boxes are and where you want to move them before giving permission. Unless its totally unreasonable, moving them shouldnt be an issue.


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Mar 20, 2011
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Trinity County Texas
Saturday morning I got on my tractor to mow out a spot where I want to put a small barn, in the front field. I know it’s been over 2 years since I used my tractor. It sure felt good to be back in the tractor seat. Ground was wet, barely dry enough to mow, but I got it done.




Then I mowed the driveway.


Next I will measure and pound stakes in the ground to mark out the barn pad. It’s gonna take a lot of dirt to build it up. My sheep and dogs need a dry place when it rains. I feel terrible for them when it’s muddy. I’m going to build a 20’x20’ barn, may have enough money to build leanto’s off both sides, for their barn and use the middle for hay storage. Hay sat outside under a tarp all winter, lost a lot to spoilage. Y’all wish me luck!

Yesterday, got an inch of rain on already saturated ground. I took pictures. The water isn’t restricted to just this spot, it’s like this all over the farm. No matter where I put it, I have to buy dirt by the dump truck load to build up a pad and raise the ground level.





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Jun 21, 2008
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This will be the small barn, mainly for hay storage.
I get that but trusses up here are 24’ wide. Or hand made 8’ wide buildings. Much cheaper to put up 24’ wide here. Why mynshed is 24’ by 32’-still too small as it’s over flowing. Wife finds things to put in it-even though she has a house with kids gone and a 24’X24’ garage.... Need a garage sale to get rid of things....