Eating Well on a Budget


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Sep 4, 2009
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East Central IL, Was Zone 6, Now...maybe Zone 5
Just sent off my balance for "Rambo." I pick up the lamb meat next week. He was supposed to be 65 pounds, but grew to 82 pounds. I understand that dressed will be about 1/2 and bones will make up a good 1/4 of the final weight.
I ran the numbers and it comes in at less than $7.50/pound.
That is cheaper than buying steak at Walmart.
I am SO glad that I bought chickens from this lady several years ago!!
Lockers are Still Fxxkxd up! She used to be able to use a small locker 20 minutes away, but that locker has contracted out to a larger locker and no longer sells to the public. We will drive 90 minutes to pick this meat up. She has to drive her livestock 45 minutes to the newer locker, and MAKE accurate appointments 6 months in advance.
EVERYTHING has changed since 2020 and gotten worse since January, 2021.

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