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    Herb Drying Preparation Question

    I grow most of my cooking and flavoring herbs and I wash everything before drying, freezing, fermenting, or making extracts, etc. I pick into a five gallon pail and run water from the hose into it with a drop of Dawn to break the water tension and let it soak to get the bugs out before bringing...
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    Too Big Cucmbers

    Fermented cucumber salsa. Wifezilla told me about it last year and it is WONDERFUL. Peel and seed, dice the flesh and proceed with your favorite salsa recipe, only use cukes instead of tomatoes. It is really good. I ferment it.
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    The Any Wonderful Food You Made From Your Garden Today Thread!

    Strawberries from the garden layered with chevre from the goats, sweetened lightly with raw, local wildflower honey and a bit of homemade vanilla extract. :drool
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    The Quinoa Thread

    Thanks a lot, WZ, I thought my seed purchasing was finished for this year..... :tongue
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    Baker Creek's Catalog is Fabulous!

    Everyone on BC's mailing list who lives in the CT area and surrounding states will get a Comstock & Ferre catalog...this is what they told me when I stopped in at Comstock. The lady I always seem to deal with is very nice and very knowledgeable! I can't seem to get back there during business...
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    What to plant in shady area

    Ostrich fern Lamium hydrangea Bleeding heart phlox echinacea sedum Hostas come in so many colors and sizes, it is amazing. You can get them with leaves in various shades of yellow and blue as well as every shade of green and variegated.
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    Horse Manure

    Giving chickens free access to the pile helps, too.
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    USDA Sued over approval of GMO Alfalfa

    Herbicides, not necessarily pesticides. Same difference in this venue as both are poisonous. There are many, many substances that are safe in their natural form and in minute amounts but that become very dangerous in forms that are not naturally occurring and in larger amounts than our bodies...
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    Protect Your Maters From GMO's

    :rolleyes: Ever read an article in Mother Earth News? My big concern about modern veggies is the nutritional profile is VERY different from the older versions of the same type of plant. You can eat a very "good" diet with lots of veggies and still be very deficient in important nutrients...
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    Turnips for the eatin'

    We also roast them with other veggies. I toss them with chicken fat that has herbs mixed in it (garlic, onion, oregano, basil, pepper, salt). We've tried other fats including olive oil, and chicken fat is by far the best! Bacon fat is good, too. Rarely a week goes by when we don't have...
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    Protect Your Maters From GMO's

    The noises and smells of my animals will not harm anyone else's animals. Now if my male goat escapes and breeds my neighbor's goats, now that is something I should take responsibility for and pay for the damages and make changes to make sure it never happens again. Or my neighbor should be...
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    need a list of SAFE evergreen shrubs

    Hey, Pat, you get quoted, too! Do you feel special now? :P
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    Can't believe it says this on my grapes...

    Genetically Modified Organism. It usually means the dna of plant material has been modified so that the plant can survive being doused liberally in very toxic, carcinogenic Round-Up herbicide. There is some evidence that GMO foods are very bad for you. The companies who make them (such as...
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    Know Your Milk!

    This is frightening: "Unopened ultrapasteurized milk in sterile (aseptic) packaging can last several months unrefrigerated..." This is why my milk comes from my goats! Raw, whole, and healthy.
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    The Any Wonderful Food You Made From Your Garden Today Thread!

    I made a big pot of chicken soup on Wed that we are still eating from! Made a pot pie with some yesterday...yum! I used our own chickens, and from our gardens, scallions, carrots, parsley, rosemary, and homemade sea salt. Plus a few store bought pepper, rutabaga...