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    Compost Pile and Chickens

    we love poo here on the TEG :love I am glad it was just about the mess I was a bit worried I was letting my chickens do something not good for them! but they do whatever the heck they want anyway ..I just like to think I am in control is all!
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    who is a Master Gardener? I am going to do it... how about you?

    Yes but I am having trouble finding out how much and also I have noticed there are ways to get scholarships and do it for free ..I am still waiting for an email about the schedules ..when I am off on thursday I am going to make a good effort to figure it out and get the ball rolling (work keeps...
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    When Do I Start My Seeds?

    well I am bummed my significant little micro climate is not listed nothing in another pocket like mine is mentioned either thanks anyway ..such good info I wish I could use it... guess I will go back to my usual science ..over start ..over plant ..follow the moon..take some chances, wear...
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    Questions about watermelons

    this year it is me against the cucurbits thanks for this info..keep em warm ..and lots of fert I am thinking of starting half inside and half outside but wondering what you guys know about transplanting them? I have heard they really do not like their roots messed with so was going to use...
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    Compost Pile and Chickens

    that is great actually!!!! just curious you do not let the chickens in the compost? is there something I should be worried about ..mine feast in there!!! I always thought they were my built in compost turners now you have me worried! I have only let them into the vegetable compost but do...
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    who is a Master Gardener? I am going to do it... how about you?

    I am so excited for you Kathy keep us posted will you please I am so on to this adventure! was there a fee for you to do this if you do not mind my asking?
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    Vertical Gardening: A recent new interest of mine.....!

    YAY I knew this subject was on here! thanks for bumping it Hattie didnt you send me a link to someone who was growing potatoes in a cage vertically? I have everything I need to do it but was wondering if the potatoes would find their way out on each layer? do you remember? I wish I could...
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    ~GROWING WATERCRESS without running water~calling Ladyhawke...!! ~

    my watercress from the grocer comes in a container with roots already on it ...I eat the root and all because no one told me not to ...can I just plant this I wonder? I am going to read the links but I cant from work I am sorry if the answer is in them! I thought about just putting it on a...
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    Gardening Programs on PBS

    I still get Red Green as well ? oh maybe it is on Canadian tv now? No I saw it on PBS I am sure of it! I would be sad not to see it anymore either he is great! I have gotten my amarylis to bloom in the garden here by just planting it! I was stunned it came back 2 years before I forgot to...
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    time to start thinking about purging your larder

    LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!! :weee I had tons of nasturtiums last year ..I do every year ..and tons of seed and tiny buds I put them in a big jark of brine alone with a few layers of vine leaves, nasturtium seeds, buds and some stems as well (they are curily and interesting) some fresh baby garlic...
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    Some seeds ordered

    wonderful time of year the seed season! you are going to have a nice variety
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    ROCKDUST / STONEMEAL ??~The remineralization of the earth ~ Update

    I found out that I can have rock dust "ordered" at no extra charge at at a local nursery ..she is giving me a pricing list on Monday :)
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    Chipmunk day :) and mindless public rambling ..please join in

    one thing I found on the walk to the beaverhood was some holly and other plants that were obviously from folks dumping garden waste over the canyon :( that is so thoughtless I had a friend who swore daffodils were native to Western Washington ..she always saw them even as a child on all her...
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    Chipmunk day :) and mindless public rambling ..please join in

    awesome post!!! see that is what I am talking about :) !!! I could see how it went down with Ladyhawke! I added part 2 to the blog if you want to see the pond and dam sadly my husband wins the blog off since he actually got the beaver on his camera but I think I win for the cuteness of a...
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    The Farmers Almanac says we should start some seeds two days before the full moon so I am going to start some more on Friday and see how it goes :) I started the last batch two days before the last full moon and they are all strong little seedlings now hedging my bets here and planting by...