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    The Seed Catalogs Are Rolling In!

    Caleb, I got my Jung catalog this week, along with a stack more. I have over 30 catalogs now. I do order alot but I am guessing that my name just got shared with other companies. I don't mind because I love to look through them. My Baker Creek order came yesterday, I got 40 packets of seeds...
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    Well, It ain't purty.......

    I think it looks pretty good. If it does the job who cares what it looks like anyway? I am doing the exact same thing with some extra windows I have laying around.
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    After 3 Trips to the Flea Market.......

    The marans look like hens to me because the maran roosters develop very quickly, you usually know within two weeks but the barred rocks I questioned because the males are born with the big round white spots on their heads and the females have very small spots if any at all. Also one has more...
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    The Seed Catalogs Are Rolling In!

    That is exactly what I have been doing, there is no better way to read them. :lol:
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    After 3 Trips to the Flea Market.......

    Congratulations, they are sooo cute. Looks like you have some Easter Eggers and possibly Barred Rocks? How old are they? Are they sexed? One of them looks kind of roo-ish to me. I hope you guys enjoy them, chickens are fun to own.
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    The Seed Catalogs Are Rolling In!

    So just in the past 7 days I have recieved 16 seed catalogs in the mail. These companies are not wasting any time getting their new 2011 catalogs out and I am loving it. They came at the perfect time since we had a couple of feet of snow dropped on us overnight and most of us were stuck in for a...
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    Chickens and Cold Weather

    I have never heated my coop for the chickens and they do just find here in New England. As long as the coop is well ventilated but doesn't have any drafts blowing on them they do pretty well. I was out in the coop the other night and I was surprised at how warm it was in there. They huddle...
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    Ugliest sweet taters I ever saw

    I have been buying Japanese Yams in Whole Foods for the last couple of months. They are the same ones in the picture by Ridgerunner, the store labels them as Japanese Yams, whatever they are they are great. I absolutely love them! Man are they sweet, I like the texture better than the regular...
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    Colony Collapse Disorder....Honey Bee Decline

    You would still benefit from keeping bees because while they will fly up to 5 miles if necessary to get nectar some will start out as close to home as possible. I have seen bees come out of my hives and only have to go a few inches to the flowers I keep there and they will work those flowers...
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    Colony Collapse Disorder....Honey Bee Decline

    "OK, someone's going to get me on a rant here if they keep it up." Why would this get you on a rant?? :rolleyes: You mean someone posted a link to a popular topic? Who was and what were they keeping up? While there are alot of theories going around NO ONE knows for sure exactly what the cause...
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    New Seed Company

    Well the 2011 seed catalogs have been rolling in and today I was pleasantly surprised to find a new on in my mailbox on this snowy winter day. Its called Comstock, Ferre & Company and it was an old time seed company in Connecticut that shut down a while ago and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds bought...
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    Thought I Had a Great Idea

    I think if you have whole pumpkins it would make a big difference. I split whole pumpkins in half with a hammer and spread them around for the chickens. They really love the seeds and the pulp of the pumpkins and jack ol anterns don't really have much for them to be interested in. If they had...
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    The start of my new fruit orchard!

    Wow! Congratulations on getting some land to plant all those wonderful trees. I ordered most of mine from Trees of Antiquity and I can't say enough about them, all the trees are doing wonderfully. I also used my trees as landscape accents. I put 20 fruit trees all around the yard, taking into...
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    DANG IT! Another heat wave.

    You can send some warmth our way, we had our first heavy frost this morning and we are wearing our winter coats here in New England. Our October weather was not too bad, a couple of real chilly and windy days, some heavy rain here and there, but mostly nice fall weather. Its 49 degrees right...
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    saying hi...!

    I knew as soon as he mentioned services and neglected to mention anything pertinent to this particular forum.