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Mar 20, 2011
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Trinity County Texas
I’ve been gone almost all week. A friend on BYH who also raises Katahdin sheep had a young ram that I was very interested in and wanted to buy. We settled on a time for me to go visit and pick up the ram. I’ve bought 2 other rams from them, Ringo and Cooper. Since I was picking up only one ram, 6 months old, I wasn’t going to drag the trailer. I decided to put the camper top on the truck.
Sunday evening Chris and I put the camper on the truck. Chris also took care of my sheep and dogs while I was gone.


Then we captured Mr. White, a 4 month old ram that I took to Arkansas. Goatgurl bought him, she used to be on BYH, but hasn’t been in awhile. She needed a ram, I sent her pictures and she dubbed him Mr. White. We have been talking about a ram for her, since I knew I’d be taking this trip, we planned on meeting in Texarkana.

Mr. White got put in the back of the truck.



I left at 4:45 AM Monday. I met Goatgurl in Texarkana at Waffle House. I had breakfast and coffee, she only had coffee.

I had put a dog collar on Mr. White and attached a leash. Sure didn’t want him getting loose in a parking lot! So I crawled in over the tailgate and grabbed the leash, handed it to Goatgurl, crawled back over the tailgate and dropped it. We pulled Mr. White to the tailgate, I grabbed his back end, she grabbed his front. We stuffed him in a large dog carrier. He wasn’t too happy, but he had room to turn around in it.



This is Mr. White at my place, before he toured Texas and Arkansas.


We both went on our way. She got him home, pulled the car in a pen and opened the door. She had blocked it ohh so she could keep him in the pen for a couple of weeks. BUT the goats knocked it down, goats and ewes came in to tell the new guy hello. He hopped out and was a happy little ram.

I got to Mike and Teresa’s after dark. Mike made shrimp and sausage gumbo! It was delicious. We visited then I slept like a rock.

@farmerjan came in Tuesday evening. We got to enjoy some of @ Mike CHS famous BBQ ribs he’s always posting pictures of!

And pulled pork. Mike made Carolina sauce. I’ve always heard about the Carolina mustard BBQ sauce, but never had any. It was good! I think I consumed half of it by myself. I brought the rest home!

Farmerjan brought potatoes! ALL kinds of potatoes! She had them in sacks, labeled with the names. Teresa and I picked out what we wanted and took the rest to her neighbors that are raising 4 great grandchildren.

It was wonderful to meet @farmerjan after all the phone conversations we’ve had!

Mike had been running Babs, former bottle lamb, now overly friendly sweetheart, and Rocky through the chute to calm Rocky down a little.


Babs said, ME! Take a picture of ME! She is such a sweetie.


Mike’s Magic, an animal cracker, has worked its wonders on Rocky. Mike always has a pocket full of animal crackers when he does anything with the sheep.
He STOMPS his foot, snatches the animal cracker and runs. Babs would take all of them if Mike let her. LOL



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