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    Easter Update: Ordered my orchard...

    OOOoooo. I love the idea of hydoponic lettuce in the house! The only way I could even attempt to grow it here in summer. Thanks for bringing that up girl! Your plans will come together. We just have to do what you do...make a list and just keep slowly checking things off :)
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    National Home Gardening Club

    Is this just a scam or is it worth it? I received their 'junk mail' a few days ago, and it's that club where they send you gardening tools, ferts, seeds, etc. to 'test drive' for them and offer opinion. You get to keep whatever is sent. Of course there's a fee. From what I've read, it's 20.00...
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    AARRRGGGHHH! It's snowing!!

    I really feel for ya. I used to live up north. I always waited for the song of the springpeepers. Even though they'd sing a lovesong with snow on the ground, they did beckon in the sunshine and green grass. Hope your plant babies coming along well :)
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    Easter Update: Ordered my orchard...

    Yummm, isn't it great when you know every bite you're taking is from your own two hand's work? It's the sweetest salad there is! I've already transplanted my carmines up two pots! ANd Starks sent me a replacement concord the other day that sounds pretty close to yours ;)
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    Easter Update: Ordered my orchard...

    I've never ordered from Jungs. I'll have to check them out. You know, I was just thinking about something quite odd....'Gurneys' delays until after the threat of frost....a cherry tree purported to live through a zone 2 winter!' :lau:lau:lau:lau
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    Journey11's 2011 Garden - large rudbeckia with red halo, post #38

    Steve, I'd be throwing up some nice tall wind turbines, and tell PUD to 'take a hike!!!' :woot Sorry to hear about that Journey. But you're right. Mushrooming, yumm! And those beautiful, green mountains all around :)
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    Easter Update: Ordered my orchard...

    I swear, we're having the same experience. I bought 3 (5.00 ea.) Natchez blackberries from them about 5 weeks ago. One just peeped it's green leaves up out of the soil, and promptly died. Other two are 'sticks in the mud.' And I'll bet I threw my receipt out! I did however, buy some blueberries...
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    Brugmansia cuttings Giveaway

    Aww, he looks like such a sweet doggy too....chasing cats! lolol:fl
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    Easter Update: Ordered my orchard...

    Ah, Rozie...see, I already thought about the squirrels ;) Hubby is building new screened in 'houses' if you will; this fall, so mine will be fully protected from the lil' varmits. I share plenty with them, and am even planting a few other wild berry type bushes for them. But my filberts? 'Keep...
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    Forlorn Robin denied Spring Sunshine

    Spring will soon blow your way, I'm wishing it there now! ;) I've ordered from Tradewinds at least 15 times, and always fast service, good germination, absolutely no hassles. WIll have to check out your Canadian link too, see if they have anything that tweaks my interest.
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    Forlorn Robin denied Spring Sunshine

    Umm, I absolutely live on Thai and Chinese stir fries. Steve, has some of the harder to find asian vegetbales, if you're into it like I am. Just thought I'd share since you gave me the great deal over at johnnies' link. :)
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    Easter Update: Ordered my orchard...

    Rozzie, I also ordered the special they had over at the arbor day foundation on the 3 hazelnuts. Let me know how yours do. I know I'm in zone 9, but their website is the only one that claims to have zone 9 filberts. Let's see how ours do. :frow
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    2011 Garden "Map" -- What do you think! :)

    I guess I just heard that old wives tale about planting them next to each other isn't so good, because they are so closely related. But after googling my remark, it seems people don't have any problems with it. Sorry about that, but it did make me look it up and learn something. Never too old to...
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    New Beehive Work In Progress (DONE)

    V, that's something I wanted to ask. Does the interior have sections, or frames? Or is it one long box and the bees do the separating? I love this idea, and would love to have my honey build one too, especially if you have success. I tried clicking that link, but it says I don't have access. Is...
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    Anyone have cute ideas for veggie markes? (Pics Please)

    Miss Daisy, that's a good idea too. Would even help to scare off varmits! :weee