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    No started tomatoes or peppers for me this year.....

    In my many years of gardening I have never been in a situation where I didn't get something started...May not have been what I wanted (single and a bit..WILD) But, as You say, plants can be obtained from sources nearby.. I told my wife this last year.. She was diagnosed with cancer, and even...
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    Howdy from Minnesota

    Wowser, it's been a long time (and a couple computer crashes) since I HAVE BEEN HERE..READING THIS THREAD, WE NOW HAVE OVER 12,000 SQ. FEET (oOpS CAP LOCKS ON) planted...and have been raising over 200 plants of the Carolina Reaper Pepper... The wife has added even more "value added" items to...
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    Waste on the Farm

    Hope fully the corn was Not left un-harvested due to illness
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    What is this

    hyacinth bean :D
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    Thought I Had a Great Idea

    Our Buff's ate pumpkin and squash down to the rind...cooked scraps...the dang cats ate and chased the chickens off:lol:
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    Fast Food and The Environment

    The wife and I never eat fast food...It probably would make Us deathly Ill...we only eat our home raised foods, and others from local sources, some within 10 miles of Us. There is no doubt that eating healthy and staying away from fast foods/processed foods has made a diffrence in My...
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    Green tomatoes!!!

    Hi Lesa, we made this just yesterday... Green tomato relish 2 lb. green tomatoes, cored and chopped 1 lb. white or yellow onions, chopped 3/4 lb. sweet red peppers, cored and chopped 1/2 lb. tart cooking apples..we used 'Granny Smith', cored and chopped 6 garlic cloves, finely chopped 1 cup...
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    Blanching Celery

    unblanched celery will be more pungent, some may say bitter, but we like it. Now, we raise around a hundred every year, and with a 6" spacing, they pretty much blanch themselves; However, in the past. when we had but a few plants, I have blanched them using the soil, as you stated, Two magazines...
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    A few thoughts about weeds.

    weeds also bring up nutrients/micro nutrients with their deep roots, that are unavailable to our cultivated crops, I leave what isn't in the way, and till them under before they go to seed.
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    Grow Lights and Stands

    what a shame that you paid $239.00 for this...and got zero results Wifezilla is right on with the lumens, this setup, I feel would only be useful for crops like lettuce and herbs, but not many... every Jan-Feb we get the urge to see some green and drop an old 2 -4 ft. bulb fixture over a couple...
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    big cosmos

    :ep must have been a banner year for Cosmos, The wife and I was just commenting yesterday on our Cosmos Trees.. they reached almost 7 foot this year...and we thought we had a tall cosmos...Great Job bayouchica :thumbsup
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    Lots of green cayenne peppers

    all good suggestions, we typically grind them and make a green hot sauce..ever been to a restuarant that had a red and a grenn habanero sauce? same thing...can't throw out all those wonderful green peppers... On canning them with Oil and vinegar, one should take care that 2 tablespoons of oil...
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    Kraut & Carrots

    Journey, we have never done the fermentation in the jar, but it should, in the food grade bucket, depending on ambient temps...4-6 weeks and fermentation may jar your kraut:)
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    Tomato's sure slow to ripen this year?

    Oh for sure Bills, it is a thing you do when you know that the season is near the end, as for them being in containers, I would think that Yes, a small trowel would do the trick. In the meantime, fried green tomatoes are Mighty Tasty :D
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    Kraut & Carrots

    Not this batch Lesa, we did do several half pints of pickled carrots, I can't remember how many quarts of pickled produce we did in all...quite a bunch though :) thank You for your compliments